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Our work is scientifically based. In the network and together with our customers, we reflect our work based on state of the art theory and publish about it.


Dr. Annette Gebauer
Principles for a mindful culture


Dr. Annette Gebauer
From individual to collective mindfulness

Wirtschaft und Weiterbildung, 10/2017

Dr. Annette Gebauer
Staff Ride pattern analysis: How fit are we in the way we deal with complexity and risk?

Journal of Organizational Development, 04/2016

The "Mindset Mindful Organizing"


Dr. Annette Gebauer
Collective mindfulness at a film set

Personalführung, 04/2014

Dr. Annette Gebauer
Mindful Organizing as a Paradigm to Develop Managers

Journal of Management Education, 04/2013

Dr. Annette Gebauer
From a calculative to a proactive management of uncertainty: Assessment-based learning to develop a culture of collective mindfulness.

Personalführung, 10/2012

Dr. Henning Breuer, Dr. Annette Gebauer
Mindfulness for Innovation: Future Scenarios and High Reliability Organizing Preparing for the Unforeseeable

SKM Conference for Competence-based Strategic Management.

Dr. Annette Gebauer
Learning from crisis

Personalführung, 10/2010

Dr. Annette Gebauer

Personalführung, 10/2010

Dr. Annette Gebauer, Ursula Kiel-Dixon
High Reliability Organizing in extreme situations

Organisationsentwicklung, 03/2009

Dr. Annette Gebauer, Dr. Detlef Hunsdiek
Developing Organizational Capabilities

Revue für Postheroisches Management, 10/2008

Prof. Rudolf Wimmer, Dr. Annette Gebauer
Potentiale der Aufstellungsarbeit aus Sicht der systemischen Organisationsberatung

In: Groth, T.; Stey. G.: Potentiale der Organisationsaufstellung.

Dr. Annette Gebauer
Implementing Corporate Universities

Carl-Auer Verlag, 2007

Dr. Annette Gebauer
Corporate Universities – What makes them successful?

Wirtschaft und Weiterbildung

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Workshops, Seminare und Vorträge

WORKSHOP 14.&15./06/2018
Facilitating Cultural-Dialogues
Dr. Annette Gebauer, Fabian Brückner
WORKSHOP 13/03/2018
Workshop for Risk Managers
Dr. Heike Kahla-Witzsch, Dr. Annette Gebauer
WORKSHOP 23/04/2018
The Mindset "Achtsames Organisieren"
Fabian Brückner
WORKSHOP 08/06/2018
Mindset "Achtsames Organisieren"
Fabian Brückner
WORKSHOP 22/06/2018
Doing Child care mindfully
Fabian Brückner
HRO Summit 11&12/09/2017
Implementing HRO – Evolutionary change in a chemical company
Dr. Annette Gebauer
Workshop 11/05/2017
Individuelle und kollektive Achtsamkeit (Simon, Weber & Friends-Alumnitreffen)
Dr. Annette Gebauer, Stefan Günther
Workshop 24/04/2017
Widerstand in der Revision
Silvia Puhani, Dr. Annette Gebauer
Presentation 13/06/2016
How to foster a Just Culture
Dr. Annette Gebauer
WORKSHOP 04/04/2017
Annual APS Meeting 2017: Culture Dialoges for Patient Safety
Dr. Kyra Schneider, Prof. Tanja Manser, Dr. Amanda van Vegten, Dr. Annette Gebauer
International Conference Human Sea-MaRisk in Nantes: Implementing a High Reliability Culture
Dr. Annette Gebauer
Alumni-Treffen Simon Weber & Friends: Auf dem Weg zu einer Kultur der kollektiven Achtsamkeit
Dr. Annette Gebauer